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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tony Abbott and his headless chooks: Environmental abusers

Tony Abbott and his headless chooks: Environmental abusers

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Tony Abbott and his headless chooks: Environmental abusers

Lyn Bender 12 March 2014, 7:00am 

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Abbott and his cronies aren’t just climate deniers and
skeptics — they're headless chickens pushing us all towards the
precipice. Lyn Bender lists 30 acts of environmental vandalism by the Abbott Government so far.

Speaking in London in late January of this hot Australian summer, Prince Charles pronounced climate change deniers to be the “headless chicken brigade”.

In other words, those in denial are running around in circles,
agitated, separated from any form of useful cognition and already
doomed. Their hapless subjects, we in today’s Australia, are also doomed
to pointless activity that will get us nowhere fast.

But the Abbott Government does not merely have its collective head in
the sand about climate change — it is, in the words of our future
monarch, “headless”.

Abbott and his team of self-avowed deniers have tried to shoot the
messenger, but the message is still being delivered loudly and clearly.

The Climate Council (originally the Climate Commission) was axed by the Abbott Government in one of its first acts. But it rose from the ashes and has just delivered its latest report on the state of the climate in Australia.

Here in Australia, we have just experienced a very angry summer.
We should be mad as hell and screaming that we are not going to take it
any more, but largely we are going quietly to our terrible fate.

The Victorian Labour Day public holiday in Melbourne on Monday this
week was a very warm 32° Celsius on what seemed a typical Melbourne
summer’s day — except for the fact that it is actually early Autumn. Moomba festivities were in full swing by the green lush banks of the almost blue, usually brown, Yarra River.
It was the kind of day to lie under a tree and read a novel. What
better choice than one that will aid the imagining of a future life, in
the Anthropocene’ age — the age we are now living out?

A by-product of the industrial age will be an irrevocably changed planet earth. This has been dubbed the Anthropocene
recently and the outlook is very bleak and catastrophic. If we continue
on blithely destroying our atmosphere, climate and habitat, we are
facing the prospect of a fundamentally unliveable planet.

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