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Friday, 18 April 2014

What Do PM's Recent Comments mean to Aussies Considering Solar Power?

What Do PM's Recent Comments mean to Aussies Considering Solar Power?

What Do PM's Recent Energy "Signals" Mean to Aussies Considering Solar Power?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is making renewable energy advocates more than a bit uneasy.

Regardless of how you come down on the renewable energy debate, the
implications are clear: the Abbott government is seriously considering
slashing Australia's renewable energy target.

Abbott believes Australia should be an 'affordable energy superpower'.

But traditional fossil fuel providers like Origin Energy and AGL are
finding it harder and harder to stay 'affordable' these days. You may
have noticed that in your recent utility bill if you're not a solar
power consumer.

And Abbott believes renewable energy targets are to blame.

"...We've got to accept though that in the changed circumstances of today the
renewable energy target is causing pretty significant price pressure in
the system and we ought to be an affordable energy superpower... 

Politics aside, this raises a question for any homeowner or small business owner considering a solar power installation...

If the Government Slashes the Renewable Energy Target How Much Will It Cost Me?

Around $3000, maybe much more.

Here's how...

To hit the renewable energy target, big energy producers like Origin have a couple of choices:

1. produce a certain amount of renewable energy or

2. buy 'certificates' from those who do.

When an average home owner installs a solar system, the government
gives that home owner certificates he or she can sell to these big
energy producers.

Of course, normally, the solar power installer will 'buy' these
certificates from the home owner (in the form of a discount off the
price of the system) and then sell them to the big energy producers

But the bottom line is, that if the renewable energy target goes away, the market for the certificates goes away.

And for the average homeowner that could mean an increase in the price of a 5kW solar system of around $3000.00

What should the home owner or small business owner considering solar power do?

Get a 3 quotes for solar whilst the financial incentives are still available >>

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