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Friday, 9 May 2014

Notorious Sarawak timber company receives Australian taxpayer handout - Bob Brown Foundation

Notorious Sarawak timber company receives Australian taxpayer handout - Bob Brown Foundation

Notorious Sarawak timber company receives Australian taxpayer handout

“Ta Ann is an unethical company out of Sarawak.  Every measure
of support from the Australian Government, and some Australian
environment groups supporting their markets, is propping up a company
that should be shunned”, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny
Weber said today.

“Ta Ann Tasmania has again secured funding from the Australian
Government.  Almost $45 million in public money has been gifted to this
loss-making company since they arrived in Tasmania. Ta Ann is saying
they will grow their markets in Australia with a new plywood mill to be
built in Tasmania’s north-west."


Photo: Matthew Newton

"This is a very
controversial company that should not be receiving Australian taxpayers'
money.  Ta Ann is owned by one of the richest men in Malaysia, they are
not turning a profit here in Australia, and yet Australian taxpayers
are gifting them money to expand their business.” 

“The current Tasmanian Government has scrapped plans to reserve
Tasmania’s high conservation value forests, including areas of the
Tarkine, right near Ta Ann’s proposed Smithton mill. A plywood mill set
up in Tasmania’s north-west threatens to be fed from the ancient forests
of the Tarkine.”

“With the proposal to remove forests from World Heritage listing and
Tasmania’s remaining high conservation value native forests denied their
promised protection, there is no certainty that the company will be
receiving non-contentious timber.” 

“By the actions of the Australian and Tasmanian Governments, and the
continued silence of the industry on controversial moves to revoke
protection of Tasmania’s forests, the international reputation of the
timber coming out of Tasmania is smeared.”

“Tasmania’s Forest Agreement has become a controversial vehicle for
environmental signatories to provide market confidence for the notorious
company Ta Ann and huge taxpayer payments to the company.  Ta Ann is a
controversial timber and palm oil company in Sarawak, responsible for
logging of orang-utan habitat and displacing indigenous people. Every
effort to support the company here in Australia green-washes their
atrocious record in Sarawak.”

“It is a dreadful shame that people are supporting this company here
in Australia, though our campaign to stand in solidarity with the people
of Sarawak, our opposition to this company’s practices and it’s
destructive role here in Tasmania’s forests will continue,” Jenny Weber

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Jenny Weber

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