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An apology to Lord Deben - » The Australian Independent Media Network

An apology to Lord Deben - » The Australian Independent Media Network

An apology to Lord Deben

For anyone who thinks the ABC shows left wing bias, I suggest you have a look at the disgraceful display by Emma Alberici on Lateline last night when she tried very hard to discredit the chairman of the UK Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben.

Her tone of voice the whole way through implied that this very
eminent man was talking crap.  Her attack on him and her defence of Tony
Abbott’s policies were humiliating and shown to be so by Lord Deben.

The appointment of far right wingers Janet Albrechtsen and Neil Brown
to the Nomination Board for the ABC and SBS must have given Emma some
pleasure, though Jonathan Holmes does not agree.  He said if Dr Watt, who made the appointments,

“thinks that these two are the most suitable people in
Australia to ensure that appointments to the ABC and SBS boards are, and
are seen to be, merit-based and non-partisan, he is profoundly stupid.

If, on the other hand, he has made the appointments at the unacknowledged insistence of Tony Abbott, he is pusillanimous.”

A clue to Alberici’s behaviour may be found at The Spectator
where Neil Brown regularly spits his poison.  Two weeks ago, in a rant
against people who suggest income inequality is a problem, he said

“It is like climate change, a defence for all seasons;
whether we have cold snaps or hot snaps, floods or droughts, full dams
or empty, good seasons or bad, it must all be due to climate change and
don’t you dare deny the science, even if it is really religion.”

J. R. Hennessy describes Albrechtsen’s postion on climate change as follows

“Albrechtsen’s position on climate change is emblematic
of the general corporate position: it might be happening, but who are we
to try and stop it? It’ll cost too much. Besides, humanity is pretty
tough. We’ll probably survive a raise in temperature. A warmer climate
might even be nice. It’s probably the worst middle-ground position in
the history of boring centrism. To accept climate change as probably
real, potentially our fault, but not worth stopping is hardly an opinion
worth articulating. It’s a moronic, self-serving position best
whispered in an otherwise empty room rather than trumpeted on the front
page of a bad newspaper.”

No doubt we will be seeing a lot more of Lord Monckton back on the ABC.

So in closing, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Lord
Deben for the ignorant rudeness he endured at the hands of Ms Alberici,
and to assure him that there are many of us who agree with his
assessment and will see it as our duty to global action on climate
change to vote out these colossal fossils as soon as we can.

Oh and Emma, saying “with respect” does not compensate for you supercilious self-important arrogance.

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